Non-project and Lifelong Headache

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Painted Romans is a long-standing and mostly solo act turned band in 2020, that brutal year when the world collapsed and DJ and listener response paradoxically forced the band out of total obscurity and, with probable disappointment, disclosed the members as being not Romans at all, just mere modern Norwegian folks!

January 2021 saw The Cold Delight, which according to Onyx Music Reviews is "dark and morose just like all good goth songs can be and yet full of movement and life at the same time". White Light // White Heat had it as their track of the day.

Before this was the gothic darkwave single Formation lifted off the minialbum HEART. No doubt this was the tune that hauled Painted Romans out before an international "dark" music audience, while HEART itself made it onto El Garaje De Frank's best of 2020 list.

Painted Romans Memento Mori sleevePainted Romans The Cold Delight sleevePainted Romans HEART sleeve

Couple those tunes with the rough and tough May ‘21 single Memento Mori"another song that will continually be present in our stereos this summer" (El Garaje De Frank) – and you have a trio of hard hitting songs that have enjoyed a fair amount of airplay on alternative and underground radio, including on shows like Mick Mercer Radio (UK), The Andy Cousin Show (UK), Persona Grata Live Radio Show (Greece), and Songs From Under The Floorboards (US). As of September and October ‘21 HEART is being played in full on the Academy Alternative show airing on 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone (UK).

Band photography left to right: Jan Ottar Nystad, Mats Davidsen, and Thomas Sejnæs

Mats Davidsen has been doing this for well over twenty years, starting with the postpunked, dark tinged, and notoriously cheeky and unpredictable new wave band Wallpaper Silhouettes back in the late 1990s before continuing with the artsy and introverted "diary entries" that became Painted Romans from around 2007. But despite critical acclaim for both of these acts it wasn’t before 2020 that the stars aligned and Davidsen, quite unaware of a so called post-punk revival, returned to roots and made a record that helped inject Painted Romans with a much needed reputation. In the process a band was established with ex-Wallpaper Silhouettes and Painted Romans member Jan Ottar Nystad on keyboards and Thomas Sejnæs, who had played with Painted Romans in 2015-16, on bass guitar, thus making it possible to perform again.

Now, with all this fresh music making impressions within the dark alternative scene, Painted Romans are looking forward and Davidsen is writing what he perceives to be the best music in a history of songwriting now running into four decades.

If you find yourself eerily satisfied by the goth-dripping postpunked sounds of Painted Romans, then you are well advised to follow the band on their endeavours.

Download the EPK as PDF

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Watch an interview with Barcelona Alternative Nights (April 2021)

The band performed two songs live for Barcelona Alternative Nights. They come as audio and video respectively with the Bandcamp edition of Memento Mori.

Selected Music Video

Explore the single Memento Mori with live B-side and bonus video.

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Band anno 2021

Mats Davidsen (vox and instruments)
Jan Ottar Nystad (synth and guitar)
Thomas Sejnæs (bass guitar)