Hi there!

In the era of social media dominance nothing beats a proper official website. This is our new domain; our garden of delight, and we welcome you to settle in and feel at home here. Mind you, this is not our first page. Indeed, paintedromans.com was registered way back in 2007 and a website was around for many years, but (as things go) Painted Romans drifted into a period of cruel obscurity and near oblivion, and the old page went down with it.

That was then. This is now.

We encourage you to bookmark the site. Use it as your primary source of information. Immerse yourself in the Electronic Press Kit (ie. EPK). Keep in touch if you feel so inclined - we would love that!

Band photography with front to back: Thomas Sejnæs, Jan Ottar Nystad, and Mats Davidsen

There is nothing we would like more than to come out and play our goth-dripping tunes to people who want them. If this is you, then make sure you follow us on the socials if you are on them. Such visible support may also increase the chance to go out there to play and meet up. All and any support is very appreciated at our end. Last but not least, please do sign up to the mailing list for exclusive stuff, previews, special offers and the likes. We are not going to swamp your email, trust us! A minimum of one mail from us each month sounds just about right.

Let's go!

Selected Music Video

Explore the single Memento Mori with live B-side and bonus video.

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Band anno 2021

Mats Davidsen (vox and instruments)
Jan Ottar Nystad (synth and guitar)
Thomas Sejnæs (bass guitar)