Album released 12 November 2017

'Dirt Wages/Slight Hipness. Wholesome Moments from Painted Romans and Beyond' is a collection of ten more or less unreleased songs spanning the years 1999 to 2017. They seem to represent many of the musical turns and influences that have grasped my interest for some reason or other. On the one hand are heavy and noisy tracks such as 'Glue' and 'This Is Nightlife'. On the other hand are dark and soaring tracks like 'Breathing Secondhand Air', 'Writing Off Happiness', and 'Treasure'. In the middle are pop-gem-like tracks such as 'Hand Me Your Heart of Steel', 'Untitled', and 'Passion Running Late'. Most of the time I guess the listener somehow will sense a kind of pulse throughout the album. I've certainly come to acknowledge that there is a distinct pulse vibrating in perhaps every recording I've ever made - a certain red line, if you may. All the same, I do hope that you'll find moments of joy and pleasure (whichever type) while listening to it. The album is dedicated to everyone who have supported, played with, and shown interest in the Painted Romans project over the years. The songs were recorded onto digital and analogue portastudio equipment, and all the songs were performed by myself, with the exception of 'Trasure' which features Jan Ottar Nystad (previous member of Painted Romans as well as Wallpaper Silhouettes) on electric guitar. All best, md.

New hometown gig 01 January 2016

Painted Romans is playing at Good Omens in Trondheim on 15th of January. The gig starts at 22.00 CET. Doors open at 20.00. Entry is 60 kr and age limit is 20.

Painted Romans poster for the gig at Good Omens 15.01.15

Hometown gig 04 December 2015

Painted Romans is playing at Ila Brainnstasjon in Trondheim on Wednesday 9th of December. Free entry and start at 20.00 local time. Welcome!

... at Kafé Soil 24 October 2015

Painted Romans performing live. L-R: Thomas Sejnęs, Mats Davidsen and Monica RuudPhoto courtesy of Eivind Fjoseide

The songs we performed were: Imaginary Midnight Ghost, Breathing Secondhand Air, I Love Money, A Safe Haven, Ok!, We're Gin And Tonic Tonight and Better Life.

This mini concert was in fact an important event in the band's history as it was the first live appearence in four years (during which the project has been on a hiatus). Indeed, it was a fine moment to present a new, sturdy line-up featuring Monica Ruud on synthesier and Thomas Sejnęs on bass guitar. It signified a revitalization of the project that has emerged and grown in "recent times". We are all very much looking forward to presenting the music again and again in the coming of months... and perhaps even years(?)

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