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Painted Romans to perform at Soil's anniversary 21 April

The lovely little vegetarian café located at Trondheim town's historic "suburb" Bakklandet is marking its 2 years in operation. Kafé Soil is one of very few vegetarian cafés in Trondheim, and with its delicious meals, desserts, coffee drinks (and beers and wines), it was a highly welcome addition for many locals back then, be they veggies or not, and it has been navigating through thick and thin ever since. Because veggie cafés are still an endangered minority, one must hope for and see to that Soil can continue as the cosy and tasteful place that it is for its daily customers, as well as a source of inspiration for anyone who is contemplating to establish a café themselves.

Thomas and Mats will be on sometime during the evening for a set of moderate length, including songs that are available for listen on Spotify and the likes.

Wishing Soil a wonderful future.

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